Ana María


Ana Maria Fontanez a 72-year-old woman originally from Puerto Rico,  had a normal life until she had a stroke 6 years ago. Afterwards her body started to give up and didn’t respond as it used to. She started losing the movement of her body and later on she was diagnose with a rare form of Parkinson’s disease call PSP, Those where hard times for her, but she decided to take control of her situation, with the help of physical therapy and yoga, her health now is much better.

“Yoga has been a great help in my process…. The body is like a car: you have to take care of him”

Ana Maria’s strong will, determination and positive attitude are keeping her healthy and walking again. She decided not to be attached to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, and she’s decided on living fully, step-by-step, until her last one.

“I will tell all the people with Parkinson’s to be responsible for their situation… We have to be respectful and helpful with our bodies… Sometimes we just need a push.”