Juan calls him self the last “Pachuco”, the one that inherited the old pachucos way in order to save this cultural and fashion trend, you can find Juan dress with very elegant suits, wide-brimmed hats, long key chain and flashy shoes. Hi spends his days selling ties and CD’s in bars and cantinas all over Mexico City, this work and the help of many friends are his means of livelihood. His able to use a little room to live by him self, on the top of a friends house in the outskirts of the city. Juan says hi had Parkinson’s disease for many years but was diagnose many years after the first symptoms. Juan is a great dancer, from salsa to swing, tango, danzón or any style you can imagine, he even performed at an exhibition dance in the prestigious Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City. Juan’s disease its very disabling, some times it takes him one hour to cross a pedestrian bridge, it becomes extremely hard to keep walking the streets looking for costumers to earn some money, but his will power and positive attitude helps him to overcome all the adversity hi has to deal day by day. When his filling good and the medicine kick’s in , he still dances like a pro.